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November 26, 2009


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Brandy and Mary

Wow, thanks for all the effort and the willingness to share!


Thank you so much for sharing this extensive chrt with us :)) I'm not new to knitting socks but sometimes you need a little reminder of measurements. This chart is awesome!

I just joined the sock knitters group on rvelry and linked to your Blog from there :)

Bonny (bonnyalma on ravelry)

christian louboutin

Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.


A friend of mine has was diagnosed with cancer earlier this week and she starts chemo today so I am using your chart to knit her a pair of socks. So far she has had a very positive attitude about the whole thing so I am doing my best to do my part to help her out. Thanks a lot for the chart and your light hearted blogging. Reading this post has helped to relieve some of the stress.


Thank you so much, I am giving socks for gifts and its a little awkward to start measuring feet w/o an explanation!


Thank you! (I can't find my "piece of paper" and I'm on the train (commuting to work) and I need to work on these socks during 2 meetings (deadlines! Work and Sock knitting!))


Thank you so much for posting these charts! It's helpful when you're trying to make surprise gifts for men without having to ask them to measure their feet. :)


Hey Missy,
I dumped my Facebook account and I wanted to give you my email so we may stay in touch...

Drop me a line anytime at [email protected]
I am hoping you and I will keep in touch...

Hope you are well...


yeah, thanks for this! I know my man's shoe size, but his suspicions would be raised if I suddenly asked him to measure out details...


I'm just learning...can you tell me how to modify for short-row heel? Thanks.


I am go glad to have found this chart! I have a daughter-in-law in Japan whom I promised hand-knitted socks for Christmas. All know is she wears a size 6 shoe. I knit mostly for my husband and myself (big feet!), so was knitting blind but this information has helped. Thank you very much for all the work you did in getting this chart together.


Hi! I am so glad that someone made this chart! However, I am looking for the width of the sock as well...how do you figure that one out? I love knitting socks, and sometimes it it hard to figure out gauge with needles and certain kinds of yarn, as well as length of foot. Thanks!


Thank you so much for the handy sock size chart!


Helpful charts! thank you! I'm knitting socks for a three-year-old. I know her shoe size, but I'm still uncertain of how many stiches to cast on. If you ever find a chart for cuff circumference, post that too! Thanks again! Siggi


You are awesome!!! Thanks for posting this... I can never find the paper either


Since a lot of people appear to be looking for the width of a sock, I found this link and this link . I don't know how accurate they are, since I have no one tiny to measure, but so far it looks promising to me.


Thank you so much. I am trying to knit a pair of "surprise" socks for a friend who lives in California and your chart will really help. Hooray!


So I know that I'm 2 years late on this, but it is PERFECT. I'm also knitting like a crazy fool to get Christma socks done!


This is wonderful! I am making a pair of socks for my dad for christmas, and he is a size 10.5, which is a total relief for me because my fiance is a size 13! Since I totally made up the length for my fiance's socks and they turned out perfect, I have no idea how long to make my dad's..... Just one question..I am doing this on worsted weight yarn, size 4 needles. Is this chart for fingering weight? Just wondering. Maybe it doesn't make a difference.


Thanks for this! Also knitting socks like crazy for christmas gifts, and also can never find my printed chart. :)


Thank you for this!!! Huge help :-D


I have been using your chart since before christmas. It is heaven send. Sometimes all you have is a shoe size and this is really help full.
Ever since I started making socks for "around the house", everyone, including the grandchildren want socks.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Asha Francis

Thank you for this chart it is very useful!


This post totally saved me today! Thank you for making this chart! Off to finish a pair of gift socks for my sister.

vente lunettes de soleil

they turned out perfect, I have no idea how long to make my dad's..... Just one question..I am doing this on worsted weight yarn, size 4 needles.


I'm doing a man's worsted on a 4 now as well. I may make mine another inch or two longer, just concerned that still may not be long enough. He is 6'2" and I'm making to wear with boots as weather drops in the Middle East. May measure a commercial pair of over calf socks to get length from cuff to heel flap.


thankyou for this :-)


Thank you for this!



Thanks! Question: when I measure my own foot length, it is about an inch shorter than what it should be according to your chart. Is this because the sock length will shorten when it's stretched width-wise around a foot?


Thanks so much for sharing! I have been in desperate need for something like this. I knit socks A LOT, but most everybody I've knit for has big feet like me. I get a little nervous when guessing how long a size 6.5 shoe would be. :) I will definitely be using this chart!

Brittany Cole

Thanks for the chart! I would love to knit some socks for my husband, but he wears 11 1/2 wides. No patterns available for that. Do you know how I should change the measurements to fit his feet?

Pat Kilbourn

You think 12 is bad? I am knitting socks for my son who wears a size 16 wide shoe.


Thank you thank you thank you - knitting 2 pair size 12 & one pair size 11 for Xmas :-)

Wendy Hollow

so which toe do I measure from?
The root of the Great toe or root of the little piggy who went to market?
Hugs WAH.

Linda Fabrizio

Thanks for the a share. A big help


Thank you! I use your chart so often I saved the page on my iPhone.

Sylvia Lonngworth

Thank you thank you so very much... I will cherish it forever...


I absolutely love the pattern! I'll be using fingering weight yarn. What size needles should I be using? I've reread the instructions but cannot seem to find the size? Thank you :) much appreciated.


A million blessings on you for making and sharing these chsrts. Thank you!


Thanks for being a wealth of knowledge, found you on a Google search and I'm truly grateful.


HI Mickey:
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment! I am so glad you found the blog useful. I hope to be putting more things up here right away.

Missy :0


Very informative. Love the disclaimer!

Paula Sorg

Thank you. Any chance there is a printable one?

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