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December 22, 2008


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Tif Matthews

This is so fun. I love how you packaged the wash clothes with little duckies (saw it on Ravelry)! Can't wait to make a bunch of these!

Thank you!


I really like how the black, gray & white scarf came out... gorgeous! What yarn is that you used?


How very adorable to "present" them in such a cool way! I bow at the feet of a brilliant & creative one!

Dawn ;)

Hi ~ love this pattern. Was wondering if we could use it in our Weekly Dishcloth group on Raverly? We'd be sure to give you props and link to your page and all ;)

Missy Angus - MyJewelThief Knits

Of course! I'm honored!


This is my new favorite dishcloth pattern. Do you allow the selling of finished items made from the pattern? (I have an Etsy shop that I stock with this and that from time to time when I feel like it--no big thing. ;-) )


Gorgeous pattern, just made my very first cloth with it for a swap I am in. Hope to make more soon.

Bev Qualheim

These just look like fun to make!! I think they will work as washcloths too, as I am making some for a place sending them to Haiti.


Really love this pattern. You are so right, it is addicting! I like my dishcloths a bit smaller in size so they're not so sloppy when wet. but nice and chunky, so I use size 5 needles and cut down slightly on the number of cast-ons, (29). With Sugar and Cream or Peaches n Cream, these are perfect! I'm inspired by your Christmas presents, but it's incredibly hard not to use them as soon as I'm finished! Have also used Lion's Brand Organic Cotton on size 7. These are good for spa cloths. Thanks!

Amy J.

OK--I'm a newish knitter and I have a question:

When the pattern says "slip 1st stitch as if to purl", does that mean I put the yarn in front or back while slipping the stitch?

Thanks much!

Missy Angus - MyJewelThief Knits

You would have your yarn in the front and then move to the back between your needles to knit the next stitch. Thanks for trying the pattern!

Sandra Schwab

Cute pattern, def. on my to-do list! Thanks!

Arias L. Peters

This is my new favorite. It is perfectly square, lies flat, looks great both sides - what's not to love!


I'm a new knitter, and I just ADORE this pattern. I've been making dishcloths for everyone using it. Now I've got two charities that I want to knit scarves for, and I'm using your pattern. It's a great way to show off the pretty yarn I'm planning on using for one of the charities, and the pattern itself isn't too feminine for the other charity. Thank you SO much for having this available to us!


Oh I wish this could be done in crochet,I can not knit or learn to knit love this look


This is a beautiful pattern. I'm going to knit several "dishcloth" squares in coordinationg colors then attach them into a blanket for a friend.

karin wanserski

What kind of yarn did you use for the black/gray one to get that color pattern? I tried an ombre but it didn't work. I'm going to try making one with self striping yarn now.

But either way, it looks great. I am new to knitting, and it was great practice to get used to switching stitches within the row. And it looks so nice that people think I'm some kind of knitting queen :)


what does, cast on any combination of 3+1, mean? sorry, I'm to knitting.


Noemi, it means that each little squarish thingy across measures 3 stitches wide, and that you need one extra stitch to complete the row. So when you cast on, figure out how many little squares you want - let's say 8. 8X3 will make 24 stitches. Add one for the extra at the side, and that will be 25 stitches total to cast on. If you wanted something really skinny that only measures 3 squares, that would be 3X3 + 1 = 10. Fifteen squares, 15X3 + 1 = 46.


I love this pattern but, being a new knitter, am having trouble with the slip stitch. My edges are looking a little scary...some rows are too loose and some too tight. Should I put a border around it to hide it or is there a special trick to make the sides more even?


what does, cast on any combination of 3+1, mean?Ok I get this part ...does this mean you slip this last stitch off ... the same as the first stitch ....thanks Example slip 1 p2, k1 to the end ....then slip last stitch off...


super cute and very thick - just what my husband needs for a Dish Towel!! Thanks for sharing your
pattern with us.


Dear Missy - your pattern rocks! I've translated your pattern into German for a friend who wanted to knit a dishcloth. Would you like to have for posting on raverly? I promoted it on my blog and think, that there are more who would be glad for a translation. :-)

Missy Angus - MyJewelThief Knits

That is wonderful! I would love to post a copy of the German version on Ravelry!


LOVE this pattern!!! Made a scarf for my 2 yr old grandson, 4 potholders (doubled the yarn) for me, a scarf for hubby. I'll keep making this pattern for years.... For Joy and Michelle- Slipping a stitch means just moving the stitch from the left needle to the right without knitting it. It makes a nice edge, just don't let the tension on the slipped stitch get too lax. Slip only the 1st stitch of every row-not the last stitch. A combination of 3+1, means to cast on multiples of three stitches PLUS 1 stitch-12 stitches+1=13. 30 stitches+1=31, etc depending on how wide you want your piece to be. Hope this helps! Happy knitting!

Missy Angus - MyJewelThief Knits

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and for helping out with answering questions from the other knitters. I am so happy you like the pattern! Thanks for using it. Happy knitting!


i LOVE the color pattern on that black and grey scarf. what yarn did you use for that? it's beautiful!

Missy Angus - MyJewelThief Knits

It was Vanna's Choice color "Charcoal Print". Thanks!

Alexis Richter

OK, I've tried and failed to figure out which cast on you used for this. I did my three faves and a couple of others and it doesn't match yours. Ha, could you clue me in? Thank you for this pattern, I love it!!!


hi knitters I make washcloths all the time for a quickie gift but cant wait to try this pattern..even going to try a dishtowel thank you

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