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November 20, 2011


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Very modern/urban look - can't wait to make them!


I love these! Thanks for the free pattern!

I am having a problem with the thumb, though. I'm still a beginner. >.<
What do you mean knit back and forth?

audrey pagnotto

I don't understand the guage instructions. There's no reference to how many stitches. It only refers to 4 rows. What does that mean? How many sts. and rows per inch are there?


Thanks for this wonderful pattern. I, even I managed to make a pair. They are a gift for a wonderful friend. Thanks for making mhy wonderful friend happy. You have, well your knitting pattern has. Thanks a lot. :)

Laura Mosier

I love these! Thank you so much for the pattern, I can't wait to knit them up.


Love how these look with the button flap! And such a simple pattern. Can't wait to make me a pair....Thanks much!


These are so cute! I am making them for a cousin for Christmas! I am a little confused with the thumb process...when you say "begin knitting in the round again" at row 9 does this mean that I will have to take the work off my double points and put it on straight needles...or...? Please help?

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